On-site Event Photography

Class and Family Reunions

When you get your class or family to come together for a reunion, you know there will be photographs taken. Here is an opportunity to get one professionally taken and have the date and name placed on each photograph.

  • We will come out to your event and take a group photo.
  • We will process and print a 4X6 photo on-site for each person at the event.
  • We will take orders for 8X10 prints (that will be mailed). The price for the 8X10 prints is $10.00, plus the going mailing rate.
  • If you wish us to hang around and run the green screen as a photo booth during the event, we can do that as well. If that is booked with the group photo, you can take 30% off of the Unlimited Print Sessions pricing on our pricing page.
  • Once we receive the 8X10 prints in from the lab, we will mail them out to all who ordered them.

It’s that simple; contact us to book your class or family reunion today.

Please note that large group picture cannot be taken on the big ugly green screen. We have fit up to 12 people on the screen, but for large group photos like this, it is perfect to find an outdoor location and take them in the sunlight.

Photo with no overlay.

Photo with overlay and school logo