On-site Event Photography

Event Specials

Current Favorite

The current show special we offer when we come on-site is our $10.00 special. This includes any three of our $4.00 items for $10.00. Our $4.00 items include; keychain, 4X6 print, set of (4) 2X3 wallets, or a 3 in. photo button.

We also offer this special when we do photos with characters.

Your Buy The First Round

Another approach we have done with events is that the organizers of the event either purchases the first photo for every guest, or we exchange the cost of the first photo for each guest for the cost of our booth fee. We will provide your door attendants with a ticket that they can pass out to the guests and bring them to our booth to get their photo taken. This will serve as a few different things, first you will have a favor for each of your guests (since we can put the event name and date on the photos), you can use this to get a count as to how many people came through the door (each person will get a ticket), and it will get people to come see us at the event. We can handle the rest from there.

Carshow Specials

We do many car shows throughout the year, and one item that is everyone's favorite is our show keytags. We go around and take a picture of each car. On one site of the keytag is the picture of the entrant's car and the other side is a logo graphic for the event. We have sold these 2 different ways, but in most cases we sell them to the person who is putting on the event and they give them away as door prizes.

Customizing Products and Packages

Depending on the event, we can customize any type of package for the event. For example: For a dance recital, we combined items from our website, and offered a package of: T-shirt with logo and dance on the back, live roses with the event logo on them, buttons with the event logo, and tote bags with the event logo. We also setup the green screen at the event and took pictures of the dances. When we processed the pictures, we placed the even logo on the picture and offered out $10.00 package for the picture. We went even future and printed posters on-site of the dancers as well. All products went home with the dancers that day.