On-site Event Photography

Family Portraits

When was the last time you had family portraits taken? Why don't you have this done every year? Well most people don't because of the expensive costs of settings and development. With On-Site Photography, we take the costs and lower them to the prices that anyone can afford. One of our goals is to help everyone preserve family memories.

Your family is the most precious gift you will ever receive and family portraits will create family heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation. What else helps us remember precious moments or loved ones but photographs?

Just like our "special sittings", you can schedule to come out and take your family portraits.

We also offer our family portraits while we are setup at shows (i.e. save the sitting fees and watch our schedule) or during scheduled fundraisers, see how it works.

We have many packages and items to choose from, see our package pricing here.

Our sitting charge is $175* for 2 hours on location (including setup and tear down time). It includes approximately 100 photos with 3 costume changes. All photos will be processed and then made available on-line for you to view and place your orders. These photos also qualify for our PhotoBook service.

*Price does not include any photo prints

"We will have several backgrounds to choose from for your family portrait."