On-site Event Photography

Organization Formal Shots

Do you have formal pictures of all of your employees or members of your organization? With our Organization Formal Shots, we can come out to your location and get that take care of for you.

Who Does This Service Benefit?

Some other photographers might call this Business Shots or Headshots, but we like to refer to them as organization formal shot, since it can be done with others, just not for business. This can be for:

  • Any Small Business
  • Firemen
  • Policemen
  • Military Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Garden Clubs
  • Book Clubs
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Kiwanis
  • Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Red Hatter’s
  • Any group or organization

What Can be Done with These Photographs

There are many uses for professional done photographs, but here are just a few things you might want to consider for your group:

Hang them Up – What a great way to show off your employees or members than to get 8X10 prints of these photos and hang them up in a public place for all of your visitors to see.

Marketing, Advertising and Publicity – Add a face to who people speak with on the phone. You can use these high-quality photos on all of your printed materials, business cards, and letters.

Websites, Intranets, and More – Your website is a great place to add a personnel directory listing all of your employees. These days, the first initial contact will be through your website.

Social Networking and E-mail – Allow your members or employees to have these photos so that they can add them to the signature files of their e-mails or spotlight an employee on your social media. This is a great way to give employee or member recognition while showing your fans that there is a face behind who they deal with.

How It Works

  • We schedule a time (normally on weekends) for us to be at your location.
  • You then notify your employees (or members) to make sure they come at that time.
  • We take photographs of each one.
  • We will then go back to our studio and process the pictures, placing them on the background that you select.
  • We will then provide you with a thumb drive of all of the photos and a copyright release so you can purchase prints of the photos or use them in your marketing if you wish. (You can also order prints from us, see our Pricing page for details.


For up to 20 people, the price for this service is only $130.00. For more people, please see our pricing page.

Public Services Discount

If your group is a Fire, Police, or a Military related group or auxiliary, please take an additional 30% off our pricing. We THANK YOU for your services!

For more information, or to book your Organization Formal Shots, please use our Contact Us page.