On-site Event Photography

Special Sittings

We help you find the time

In society today, everyone has a busy schedule. It can be hard to find the time to have professional photographs taken; however, with on-site services we can help with that, since all of our equipment is portable. We are able to conduct private sittings in your home. Our mobile studio can be setup in just a few minutes.

We have something for all your needs

Cell phone and social media photos are great, but professional photographs is what documents special moments and occasions. These sittings can be used to generate any type of portrait photography you may need. We can use professional looking backgrounds or create customized backgrounds for some fun shots.

Private Special Sittings are great for:

  • Engagement Photos
  • Christmas Card Photos
  • Graduation Photos
  • Home School Photos
  • Private Party Photos
  • Photos with Pets
  • Family Photos

Custom or Catalog Backgrounds

We will bring our catalog of backgrounds and let you choose which ones you would like for your photos. If you have any special types of photos or themes you would like to use, we can create these backgrounds in advance at no additional charge.

For example: This couple wanted photos in their matching football fan gear. We custom made the football related backgrounds. You can see their resulting photos on our photo examples page.

Non-Green Screen Pictures

If you have a locaiton at your house, or even would like to go to an outdoor location you would like to use as a background instead of the green screen, we can do that as well. Your are the customer, and whatever you would like to use, we can accomidate you.

Schedule your appointment

Whatever your needs may be, contact us to schedule your private in-home sitting. That is all you have to do, and we will come out and take care of everything else.

Our sitting charge is $175* for 2 hours on location (including setup and tear down time). It includes approximately 100 photographs (always more) with 3 costume changes. All photos will be processed and then made available on-line for you to view and place your orders. These photos also qualify for our PhotoBook services, or just digital copies with copyright releases. See our pricing page for details.

*Price does not include any photo prints