On-site Event Photography

Weddings - Alternative to Photo Booth

After having this service for over 16 years, we can proudly say, we can do it better and we can do it more cost effectively at I know, that is a pretty bold statement to make, but it is true. Not only do we offer the same services as your average photo booth vendors (props, on-site printing, custom backgrounds and overlays, digital prints via text messages, etc.), we offer something that is very hard for others to offer. We offer personality.

Fun and Professional

At every event we attend, we have at least two professional photographers that not only know what they are doing, but have a blast doing it. We don’t care how many times your guests come up to take photos, in fact we encourage them to come back and take more. And we have fun with them while they are at our booth as well.

The owners of the company know personally, how important it is to the bride and groom to have these photos for later on. Having that picture of Uncle Pete and Aunt Maggie cutting it up with some of our props or a photo of cousin Bill before he went off to the service. You never know how priceless these photos can be for you in the future, and we take every effort to archive your special day through the use of fun and festive photography.

Full 4 X 6 Prints

All of our printed photographs are full sized 4X6 prints and we will print a copy for everyone that is in the picture. We DO NOT do strips of photos on one print. If the guests would like to have multiple poses, multiple pictures, different background, different whatever, we just have them take another picture. We keep all of the original full sized prints in case you want digital or printed copies of them.

What We Can Offer

  • Creation of custom backgrounds or overlays to meet your theme.
  • On-site at your reception for up to 4 hours.
  • All of the equipment needed to process and print the pictures.
  • All of the props that match your theme.
  • We will not tear down or close the booth until the ending contract time.
  • At least two staff at your event (more depending on the number of guests).


Our pricing for weddings is simple:

$500.00 – Unlimited Prints all night long
$700.00 – All prints placed into Folders
$50 – Extra printed copies of every photo for the bride and groom – placed in a brag book
$20 – Digital copies of all photos on a thumb drive with copyright release

We ask that a 50% deposit be made in order to reserve your date. Please check our schedule to make sure we have the date open.

See our pricing page, under the unlimited print sessions, for wedding receptions with fewer than 75 guests

Let’s get together and Meet

We would love to sit down with you to discuss your wedding or even help you with other planning needs if you need help. We know (and are associated) with many vendors in the wedding industry in this area and could offer some advice if you need it. Contact us today to setup an appointment.

Photo taken at a bridal show with custom background and overlay showing the name of the show. We normally do not put our logo on the prints.